Route 3
  3 - Circular Cycle path of Pratorsi
Slope 185 metres Recommended period spring, summer, autumn
Length of 14 km Starting point Astronomy Observatory car park
Difficulty Average Type of path tarmac road, footpath and rough track
From the astronomy observatory car park you continue down the asphalt road towards Pratorsi, then after a brief stretch of slightly sloping track you go uphill for 2 kilometers, until a sharp turn to the right. Near the bend, there is a dirt track to the valley of Verdiana that leads to Mandromini. At the sharp bend the asphalt road continues uphill, with wide bends for just over 3 kilometers, leading to the Pratorsi refuge (1325 meters). After going round the refuge, you take the old ski slope and go up for 100 meters, then take the mule track to the left (1354 meters). Go up for a short stretch until you cross path CAI no. 00 (1428 meters) which continues to the left connecting with the Maceglia pass. Our itinerary, however, continues to the right towards M. Oppio on path CAI no. 00 (red and white signs), which cuts along the old ski slopes and then goes down the steep south side of Mount Crocicchio. After about 2 kilometers, the path crosses a forest road to the left, which leads to Pian dei Termini after a 5-kilometer downhill stretch. Carry on for another 900 meters and you reach the Casetta delle Guardie, where you can find drinking water.


Circular Cycle path of Pratorsi
It is a brief route of medium difficulty. The first stretch is on an asphalt road that leads to the refuge of Pratorsi, and then continues on both tracks and asphalt road. The gradient and steep downhill stretch make this route particularly unusual.
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How to reach Gavinana by car:
  • from Pistoia: Take road SR no. 66 until Campotizzoro, take a right on the provincial road near "Ponte alla Falce". This road leads to Gavinana after about 5 kilometers.

  • from Lucca Take road SS no. 12 "dell'Abetone e del Brennero", take a right on road SR no. 66 near La Lima towards San Marcello Pistoiese.
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