Route 2
  2- ALTERNATIVE ROUTE Towards Monte Gennaio
Slope 833 meters Equipment water bottle, camera, trekking shoes
Length of 21 km Duration of route 6 hours
Difficulty Average Type of path Rough track and footpath
Recommended period spring, summer, autumn Starting point Pian dei Termini (981 meters above sea level)
From the astronomy observatory car park you take the footpath (see the previous itinerary) till you reach the freestanding beech wood. After the bend you continue for about 20 meters and turn left into the footpath CAI no. 2 which climbs steeply and crosses the fir wood, on the meridian side of Monte Terminaccio (1154m) and from here, following the ridge, you move onto Mount Crocicchio (1366m), the destination of the traditional religious procession of the ascension. From this point in the Teso Forest you can see both part of the crest of the Apennine Mountain Gennaio (also called "Uccelliera", 1814m) and as far as the mountain Libro Aperto (1937m), and make out the characteristic peak of Mount Cimone (2165m).
Climbing again for a small stretch of the ridge and crossing footpath CAI no. 00 in the Monticelli zone (1463m), which drops down to the right to the pass "Passo dell'Oppio" (821m), following the mountain line, you reach Maceglia (1424m). At the crossroads keep going on the path CAI no. 00, which crosses a beech wood and leads to an open area. You keep climbing until you get to the "Poggio dei Malandrini" (1662m, just above the Montanaro refuge) where you come across the G.E.A. (Grande Escursione Appenninica - Great Apennine Excursion), which you follow for a small stretch. At the pass "Passo della Nevaia" (1617m) you find a fork in the road, you turn left along the path of the ridge which climbs to the peak of Mount Gennaio (1814m). The return leg can be taken going down the pass "Passo del Cancellino" (1634m) to link up with the footpath which follows the mountainside of Mount Gennaio till the "fonte dell'Uccelliera" (1675m), and those who want a slight variation can, in a few minutes, get to the refuge at Porta Franca. Thereafter you climb to the pass "Passo della Nevaia" taking again the CAI footpath which takes you back to the "Pian dei Termini".

ALTERNATIVE ROUTE Towards Monte Gennaio
The route follows well-marked CAI paths that cross the Teso Forest. From Pian dei Termini the route is mostly uphill except a few stretches, until you reach the midway point. Along the path there are great viewpoints looking out onto the Northern Apennines.
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How to reach Gavinana by car:
  • from Pistoia: Take road SR no. 66 until Campotizzoro, take a right on the provincial road near "Ponte alla Falce". This road leads to Gavinana after about 5 kilometers.

  • from Lucca Take road SS no. 12 "dell'Abetone e del Brennero", take a right on road SR no. 66 near La Lima towards San Marcello Pistoiese.
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