Route 1
  1 - From Pian dei Termini towards Monte Peciano
Change in level (climb) 146 metres Equipment water bottle, camera, trekking shoes
Length (round trip) 8 km Duration (round trip) 2 hours
Difficulty Easy Recommended period spring, summer, autumn
Type of route: rough track Starting Point Pian dei Termini (981 metres above sea level)
Signs: none

Leave your car in the Astronomy Observatory car park and take the rough track that climbs off to the right. Go beyond the barrier for the municipality of Montana and continue the gentle climb to a large freestanding beech wood where there is a rest area with picnic facilities. A panorama opens up to the south onto the Limestre valley which heads west to the Lima valley, northwest to the apenine ridge of the mountains of Pistoia, with the characteristic outlines of the "Libro Aperto" and "Monte Cimone". The grassy plain that surrounds the beech wood is used as a "launching platform" for the many paragliders who, especially in summer, fly the short route (about 1.5km) to S. Marcello 380 metres lower down.

The rough track continues with a slight gradient into the Teso Forest and through a thick wood of fir, pine and larch trees. Raspberry bushes (Rubus ideaeus) and wild strawberries (Fragaria vesca) grow along the sides of the track while farther away; at the feet of the conifers it is possible to glimpse small animals such as squirrels or hares.

After about 1.5 kilometers (take the right at both the forks) the road flattens out and you continue the virtually flat track for another 2 kilometers. Along this last stretch S. Marcello municipality has built a stone fountain, which is fed from a water supply rich in minerals.
The rough track continues for several hundred meters until it reaches the foothills of Mount Peciano. From here we advise to turn back (there is an unmarked path which is very awkward to follow that takes you down to Maresca).



From Pian dei Termini towards Monte Peciano

This is an easy route on rough track. From Pian dei Termini follow a slightly sloping stretch, which leads into a thick conifer wood. Halfway there is a spring water fountain, rich in minerals.

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How to reach Gavinana by car:
  • from Pistoia: Take road SR no. 66 until Campotizzoro, take a right on the provincial road near "Ponte alla Falce". This road leads to Gavinana after about 5 kilometers.

  • from Lucca Take road SS no. 12 "dell'Abetone e del Brennero", take a right on road SR no. 66 near La Lima towards San Marcello Pistoiese.
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