Route 2
  2- Alternative Route Towards the Three Powers
Change in Level 430 meters Equipment water bottle, camera, trekking shoes
Length 9 km Duration (return trip) 3 hours
Difficulty Average Recommended period spring, summer, autumn
Type of route Rough track and footpath Starting point Old ski lift area of the SestaioneValley. Coming from Abetone turn right at Fontana Vaccaia towards Pian di Novello
Indications: white red CAI footpath no. 104, 102 and 00

From the carpark, near the ski lifts (1309m) in the Valle del Sestaione, you start to climb slowly along a rough track. Having crossed the bridge over the river Sestaione, you keep climbing following the white-red signs of path CAI no. 104 (CAI is the Italian Mountaineering Club). After about one kilometer, near a tight bend (1405m), you join up with the mule track that runs parallel to the river. At the end of this, after a ford and a sharp climb, you get to the Casetta dei Pastori or Shepherd Hut (1527m). From the small refuge the path climbs quickly to a drinking water reservoir (1490m) and then links up with path no. 102, which comes from Boscolungo (GEA-MPT). You continue on the left for several hundred metres crossing a wood of red firs, then head right following a ditch surrounded by raspberry bushes climbing steeply (15 mins) to reach the large plain of the glacial hollow of the “Black Lake” (Lago Nero); high on the right it is possible to see a Swiss Mountain Pine (Pinus mugo) wood. From here you turn right, and in a few minutes, you arrive at the lake itself (1730m). From the lake, the path continues to climb cutting through the southern side of the Alps of the “Tre Potenze” (Three Powers) and reaching the Passo della Vecchia. Turning left again you take the footpath CAI no. 00 that climbs very steeply to the top of the “Tre Potenze” (1940m).

Coming back you can take the path CAI-MPT no. 100 from the “BlackLake” to the Foce di Capolino. From the refuge you head down to the right following a stretch of footpath, which, linking up with the old “Blue” ski slope, crosses the right side of the Sestaione valley running alongside the border with Nature, reserve “Riserva Naturale Orientata di Capolino”. You finally get back to the starting point (and the nearby Botanic Gardens).


Alternative route: Towards the Three Powers

This route travels along easy to follow CAI footpaths, which crosses what is considered to be one of the most beautiful areas in the Pistoia Mountain Range, taking you to the top of the “Tre Potenze”, the old border between the land of the Grand Duke of Tuscany and those of Modena and the state of Lucca. From the top there is an incredible view.
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How to get to Pian degli Ontani by car:
  • from Pistoia: reachable by road SR no. 66 until La Lima and then road SS no.12 “dell’Abetone e del Brennero” (for Abetone and Brennero) for 4 km taking a left onto the provincial road at Casotti .

  • from Lucca: reachable by road SS no.12 “dell'Abetone e del Brennero” (for Abetone and Brennero)taking a left onto the provincial road at Casotti.
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