Route 1: The bridges and customs of Popiglio
Route 2: The mule track to Popiglio and the towers of Popiglio
Route 3: The cycle circuit of Popiglio

From route SS n. 66 Pistoia - La Lima take the main road "mammianese-marlianese" SS n. 633 at "La Colonna" towards Piteglio. After about 2,5 km, near a hairpin bend at "Il Curvone" take the road towards "Lolle". After 300 metres keep to the right and follow the road for about 3 km.
 Route 1
The bridges and customs of Popiglio
The return trip is about 2 km on a practicable mule track. The itinerary is charming even if not very well known and can be done throughout the whole year. From the parking lot, after a brief slope, it soon reaches the bridge of Castruccio and the smaller bridge over the brook Torbecchia. Continuing on the mule track for a short while along the stream Lima the walk leads to the bridge over the stream Liesina.
 Route 2
The mule track to Popiglio and the towers of Popiglio
Having crossed the bridge of Castruccio we take the old mule track, which goes up to the town of Popiglio. Walking through old picturesque streets we reach the historical part of town and on to the ancient towers built on the ridge dominating the valleys of Limestre and Lima.
 Route 3
The cycle circuit of Popiglio
This path is 37 km long and requires a certain amount of effort. It is on asphalt roads to be covered entirely on mountain bikes. From the parking lot at Lamure we reach the road going to Piteglio. After a few hundred metres past the village of Migliorini, we veer right towards Piteglio. At the schools we take a downhill road to the valley and then back up to Casa di Monte. Here we go down to the road to the villages of Crespole, Lanciole, then Pontito and up to Croce a Veglia. On a dirt track we go down to Lucchio and proceed on asphalt road to the bridge, near the "Tana a Termini". Here we go back up to Popiglio and then down to the bridge of Castruccio. It is highly advisable to wear a helmet and bring a water bottle.
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