Route 2
Slope 560 meters Equipment Water bottle, camera, trekking shoes
Length of 10 Km Duration of route 5 Hour
Difficulty Medium Type of path Rough forest track
Recommended period Summer Starting point Abetone (1385 above sea level)
Signs: white red CAI no. 00

From the summit of Mount maiori we drop firstly to the mouth of the river Verginina of Serrabassa and then take a dirt track to link up with the "Casetta di Lapo" (1503 metres). Here, a small shelter is open during the summer.

From the "Casetta di Lapo", path CAI no. 00 rises quite steeply to the top of "Mount Libro Aperto", reachable in less than two hours. Along the route you can find the stone cylindrical markers of the border between the lands of the Grand Duke of Tuscany and the Duke of Modena. After overcoming some sandstone layers you reach "Selletta of the Mount Libro Aperto" (1860m). From here you climb again to the peak of "Mount Rotondo" (1937m), one of the two peaks (the other is that of Mount Belvedere, 1896m), which give the characteristic shape of "Mount Libro Aperto" (Open Book). From this position it is possible to admire suggestive panoramas of the side of the Apennines and, when the weather is clear, remarkably even part of the alpine ridge.

On the Modena side of "Mount Libro Aperto", during summer, it is possible to see the flowering rhododendrons. Originally from the Alps, this plant arrived to the area about 200,000 years ago during the last glaciations. Our journey continues downwards to the "Selletta of Mount Libro Aperto", then right on a dirt track through the glade, past a spring on the right, then into the "Vallon dei Faggi" along a mule track. This track leads through beech trees and bilberry bushes, back to the "Cassetta di Lapo". Proceeding towards "Mount Maiori", it is advisable to take path no. 5 to the right, which leads back to the fountain.

Towards Mount Libro Aperto
A more demanding route: a small climb to the peak of Mount Maiori, then downhill to Serrabassa and then another climb to the top of Mount Libro Aperto (1937 m). It is advisable to replenish water supplies at the fountain on the route. Excellent view of the Apennine ridge and Mount Cimone (easily recognizable by the buildings at the top
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How to get to Abetone by car:
  • From Pistoia: Regional Road SR no. 66 and Road SS no.12 "of Abetone and Brennero".

  • From Lucca and from Modena : Road SS no. 12 "of Abetone and Brennero".
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