Route 3
  3 - The Pracchia Circular Cycle Route
Slope 167 meters Recommended period Spring, summer and autumn
Length of 9.4 km Starting point Abetone (1385 m above sea-level)
Difficulty Easy Type of path Dirt track, mule track, asphalt road.
Signs: white and red

From the rail station car park (617m) take the tarmac road towards the centre of Pracchia, after about 100 metres turn right, go through the underpass of the railway and the alongside the buildings of the Acqua Silva company where you climb towards the source of the river Orticaia, first on the tarmac road and then the rough track for about 6 kilometres rising with an average gradient of 7%. Having reached the basin (1038m) between Poggio dei Lagoni and Poggio del Papa you follow an almost flat section and, after having gone round the mountainside of Poggio del Papa, you come across a junction where going straight takes you to Collina Pistoiese (932m) in under two kilometres; going left instead and following a well maintained undulating rough track you cross, a dense beech wood. Less than five kilometers along this track you tie up with the tarmac road that rises from Pracchia to Mount Pidocchina. Descending a little you find a track on the right (1070m) and continue to follow the route along the mountainside. This track travels completely along the watershed ridge between the Reno and Limentra valleys. Along this stretch you have a great view of the valleys and the high spurs of the Apennines. Having traveled about 3.5 kilometers and back on the tarmac road, you start to head down till you reach a fork in the road. On the left, after a few minutes, you reach Posola (942m), whereas going straight you continue the descent to another fork which is passed by to bring us onto the mule track which leads to Ca' di Giamba and to the Castello di Sambuca (736m). In front of the convent you take the old mule track quickly downwards to Taviano (504m), a small village on the river Limentra. To head back to Pracchia you can take the state road no. 64 to Ponte alla Venturina and then the road S.S. no. 632 "Traversa di Pracchia" for about 15 kilometers.

The Pracchia Circular Cycle Route
From the weather station, famous for its quickly rising waters, to the "saddle" between Poggio dei Lagoni and Poggio del Papa, you ride the ridge that divides the Reno Valleys and those of the Limentra. The circle is completed reaching state road no. 64 which takes you to Ponte alla Venturina and thereafter the road S.S. no. 632 "Traversa di Pracchia" for about 15 kilometres.
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How to reach Sambuca by car:
  • From Pistoia: Road SS no. 64 toTaviano.

  • From Lucca: Road SS no.12 "dell'Abetone e del Brennero" (for Abetone and Brennero) turning right at La Lima onto the road 66. Keep going for 15 kilometers turning left at Pontepetri onto the road SS no. 632 "Traversa di Pracchia" till Ponte alla Venturina and then right onto the road SS no. 64 to Taviano.
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