Route 2
  2- Towards Pavana - The Via Francigena
Slope 560 meters Equipment Water bottle, camera, trekking shoes
Length of 10 Km Duration of route 5 Hour
Difficulty Medium Type of path Rough forest track
Recommended period Summer Starting point Abetone (1385 above sea level)
Signs: white red CAI no. 00
The first route takes you as far as Sambuca. From the "borgo" a lovely paved road links Sambuca with Casa Bettini and ends up in Pavana in about an hour and a half. The mule track runs a little below the walls of the castle, with a few ups and downs, crosses the dense forest of chestnut, maple, alder and elm trees till you reach the fork for Casa Bettini (748m), thereafter following the red-white signs of the CAI footpath to Pavana. Along the route you can see the remains of an antique rural structure called the "Mulinaccio" (mill) and the "borgo" (village) of Casa Sedoni, where you can fill up your water bottles from the characteristic washing well.

The area is of much biological interest with herds of hoofed animals such as deer, fallow deer, roe deer, wild boar and mammals such as foxes, weasels, martens, badgers, hedgehogs, squirrels and dormice. The final stretch of the itinerary is a pleasant path through the chestnut trees, which takes us from Casa Bertini to Pavana. Between Pavana and Ponte alla Venturina, in Valdibura, you find the building of the old Grand Dukes customs house (1846), built for the new road Leopolda Porretana near the border between the Tuscan Grand Duke's land and that of the Papal State.

Towards Pavana - The Via Francigena
From the Fortress you drop down to the centre of the village and take the footpath, which follows the old road of via Francigena to Pavana. The route has a slight gradient and crosses lush woods of chestnut, maple and alder trees and a surreal tranquility taking you to your destination of Pavana.
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How to reach Sambuca by car:
  • From Pistoia: Road SS no. 64 toTaviano.

  • From Lucca: Road SS no.12 "dell'Abetone e del Brennero" (for Abetone and Brennero) turning right at La Lima onto the road 66. Keep going for 15 kilometers turning left at Pontepetri onto the road SS no. 632 "Traversa di Pracchia" till Ponte alla Venturina and then right onto the road SS no. 64 to Taviano.
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