Route 1
  1 - From Taviano towards Sambuca Castle
Slope 75 m    Equipment Water bottle, camera, trekking shoes
Length of return trip 4 Km Duration of route 1 Hour 10 Minutes
Difficulty Easy Type of path Dirt track
Signs: white red CAI no. 00 (first stretch until the fountain)
From the municipal car park (504m) you cross the bridge of the river Limentra, continuing to the right for a few dozen metres and then right again till you reach the small church in the village. From here take the small stone bridge and follow the white-red signs of the footpath CAI no.165. After some houses you find yourself on a well-preserved mule track, which rises steeply with sharp bends bringing you to the convent of S. Maria del Giglio. From the convent you take the tarmac road and after a few minutes you arrive at Sambuca. The streets in this ancient medieval "borgo" are still cobbled and flanked with dry stone walls; at the entrance to the village there is a beautiful fountain made in "pietra serena" (grey-blue sandstone) welcoming the thirsty wayfarer. Having then reached the church of S. Giacomo you keep climbing and quickly get to the ruins of the old fortress walls (736m) where there is a beautiful panorama of the Limentra valley. The name "Sambuca" would seem to be derived from a roman war machine, in the shape of a tower, or, more likely, from the plant Sambuco (Sambucus nigra - black elderberry), a common bush in the local area. The ancient small fortress, of which little remains, up until the 19th century protected part of the original structure of embattled walls and pentagonal towers.

From Taviano towards Sambuca Castle
An easy route takes you along the mule track. From the village you take the old mule track that first takes you to the Convent and then to Sambuca. You very quickly reach the Fortress from where you can look over the valley of Limentra with the Apennines as a backdrop.

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How to reach Sambuca by car:
  • From Pistoia: Road SS no. 64 toTaviano.

  • From Lucca: Road SS no.12 "dell'Abetone e del Brennero" (for Abetone and Brennero) turning right at La Lima onto the road 66. Keep going for 15 kilometers turning left at Pontepetri onto the road SS no. 632 "Traversa di Pracchia" till Ponte alla Venturina and then right onto the road SS no. 64 to Taviano.
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