Route 3
  3 - Bicycle circuit of Orsigna
Slope 1050 m Recommended period summer
Length of return trip 33 km Starting point Orsigna (806 metres above sea-level)
Difficulty medium * Type of path Asphalt road, dirt track, footpath
(*) The route almost always follows a dirt track, which is relatively easy but requires some training due to the steep climb.
Leaving the Square of Orsigna, follow the road for about 2 km until the forking near the village of Case Corrieri (975 m). Take the dirt track, which climbs into the woods. It will be possible to replenish water supplies at a small fountain located in Il Salatoio after the barrier of Comunità Montana.

The dirt track twists with a series of sharp bends for about 6.5 km going through a beech wood. The road then meets a forking (with path CAI no. 35A to the shelter of Portafranca), near a hairpin bend which offers a great view over the valley, which takes to the "Fonte dello Spirito" (spring of the spirit). It is advisable to keep on the dirt track, which continues to climb steadily for 2 km. A short flatter stretch cuts across the side, slowly going down to Pian Grande, a glade used for pasture, near a shelter belonging to the Comunità Toscana. Take path CAI no. 35 and proceed partly on foot as it climbs steeply up to the shelter of Porta Franca (1580 m) in about 10 minutes.
From the shelter continue on the same path, which leads to the mountain pass of Nevaia (1617 m) on the Apennine ridge (path CAI no. 00) and go down to the fountain of Cacciatore, then to Maceglia (1424 m). Turning left go down first on the footpath then on the dirt track to Casetta Pulledrari. Continue on the asphalt road (for about 1.5 km) and at the hairpin bend turn left on a dirt track. This track - known to the locals as "strada di Spinarazza" - cuts across the southern side of Mount Grosso, keeping a steady 110 m altitude.

After a few kilometers take the trekking path MPT coming from Pontepetri and which leads to the farm of Pian di Serra (862 m). Leaving the farm, continue down the dirt track, then join road no. 632 "Traversa di Pracchia" which connects road SS n. 66 to the road Porrettana. Once on the asphalt road proceed left towards Pracchia (617 m) and you will reach Orsigna after 4 km.


Bicycle circuit of Orsigna
This 33-km circuit is fairly difficult due to its steepness, and to be covered almost entirely by mountain bike. From the village of Orsigna, go to Case Corrieri and take the dirt track, which climbs to the shelter of Porta Franca (the last stretch to be covered on foot). From the shelter, go up steeply on the Apennine ridge and then slopes down a track to Casetta Pulledrari. After a few km on asphalt road, take an easy dirt track, which cuts across the Southern side of Punta della Crina and goes down to the asphalt road for Pracchia and then reaches Orsigna.
It is highly advisable to wear a helmet and bring a water bottle
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Come si raggiunge in auto Orsigna:
  • da Pistoia: raggiungibile tramite SS n. 66 fino a Pontepetri e poi SS n. 632 "traversa di Pracchia" per 4 km con deviazione a sinistra dopo aver superato l'abitato di Pracchia.

  • da Lucca: raggiungibile tramite SS n. 12 "dell'Abetone e del Brennero" deviazione a destra presso La Lima sulla SS n. 66 fino a Pontepetri e poi SS n. 632 "traversa di Pracchia" per 4 km con deviazione a sinistra dopo aver superato l'abitato di Pracchia.
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