Route 1
  1 - From Orsigna to the source of Gabelletta
Slope 320 m Equipment Water bottle, camera, trekking boots
Length of return trip 15 km Duration of route 2 hrs
Difficulty Medium Type of path Foot-path and mule track
Recommended period Spring, summer, autumn Starting point Orsigna (806 m above sea-level)
Cars can be parked just before the little square in Orsigna in the small parking lot, and walk up the road to the church. Then go down to the mill of Berto. Make sure you fill up your water bottle at the source of the mill under the bridge and continue on the asphalt road for a brief climb at 815 m altitude, where you take the old mule track on the right (path CAI no. 5) which goes past an old shrine.

The mule track climbs steeply around a series of bends in the thick chestnut forest. Along the way, despite the poor conditions of the path, it is still possible to find paved bits, stone drains for the rainwater and little dry-stone walls, which lined the road. You will reach Case Moretto after a 20-minute walk (991 m).

Near the fountain in the square, the mule track forks off to the left and continues towards Case Aldria (1000 m). Go past the few houses and keep going up the mule track, which climbs up through the thick gnarled roots of the beech trees. After a few minutes you will cross the dirt track, which goes up to Case Paoluccio. Take the track that curves to the right and evens out until you reach a small glade called "Pian dell'Osteria", where there is a stone building. Continue in the same direction and go past a ditch, climbing up among stonewalls and clay stone slabs in the ground, until you reach the source of Gabelletta.

From Orsigna to the source of Gabelletta
This 15-kilometer route is of medium difficulty on footpaths and mule-tracks. From the town of Orsigna go along the asphalt road for a short stretch and then take the old mule track, which climbs rather steeply to Case Moretto and on to Case Aldria. This curves to the left near the dirt track to Paoluccio and then evens out until the source of Gabeletta. Chestnut and beech trees and coniferous woods shade the whole way.
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To reach Orsigna by car:
  • From Pistoia: take road SS no. 66 until Pontepetri then take road SS no. 632 "traversa di Pracchia" for 4 km and go left after the town of Pracchia.

  • From Lucca: take road SS no. 12 "dell'Abetone e del Brennero" go right near La Lima on road SS no. 66 until Pontepetri and then take road SS no. 632 "traversa di Pracchia" for 4 km and go left after the town of Pracchia.
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